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Dental insurance provides a clear path to protecting your smile. Enjoy coverage that gets you into the dentist for cleanings and exams while also saving you money on pricey procedures. Shop your dental solution today!


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Dental insurance FAQs

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Protect your health and your wallet with dental insurance that makes sense for you.


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Dental insurance for families keeps your kids on track for success and cuts down on costs. 


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Find your senior dental solution easily with affordable rates and comprehensive coverage.


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Before you shop, here's a guide to
dental insurance lingo:


Preferred Provider Organization - allows plan holders to visit a wide range of dentists and hospitals.

Choice Plans

A group of plans that does not require you to stay in-network. You have the flexibility to visit any provider.


A yearly or one-time fee that must be paid before the insurance company covers anything.


Health Maintenance Organization - plan holders have a certain network of dentists and hospital they can visit.


A group of plans that does not require you to stay in-network. You have the flexibility to visit any provider.

Annual Maximum

The maximum dollar amount a dental plan will pay toward the cost of dental care within a specific time period (usually January through December).

Discount Plans

A set discount on services. Must see a participating dentist to take advantage of the discount.


A group of dentists that have accepted certain plans and discounts.

Monthly Charge

Also called “Premium,” this is your monthly charge that you will be expected to pay each month.

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